Ca' Barbieri | Restaurant Cremona

Ca' Barbieri
Since 1887

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The Discovery

1723 - In the Inventory Teresiano, Maria Tersa of Austria makes to make a detailed topographical study of the property consistence of Lombardo-Veneto. During the restructuring of Ca' Barbers in the province of Cremona, of 2002, an architect called to make the planning, note of the loopholes in the wall perimetrale and they made to understand that the construction was of non recent epoch and that it was probably a scaffold of defense or however a checkpoint or a customs. They are also found some niches in various points of the place where the lamps to oil were set for the miccies of the arquebus or to simply make light. From here the decision to verify to the Historical file of Cremona the foundation of the suppositions.

"Osteria con Bottega"

It was found that in the mappale 77 of the commune of Rising, bordering with Gambina, Barchetti, Quistro, Dosimo, Torrenuova, Parish of the Mono one, Bagnarolo and Grontardo, where Cà Barbieri is now found, it resulted, from a writing among the owner Barbò Giuseppe was Giovanni Pietro Owner of Building Barbò and a not mentioned tenant, a rental lease for a house to use 'Inn with Shop' to the mappale 77 and I included the gardens to the mappalis 75 and 76 for an afitto of 100 liras from which done the deductions and also deduced the value of income of 62 shields of the aforesaid perticato the house it comes to value of 104 shields and 3 liras.

1850 - The Barbòs, to 13 January of 1850 they possessed 2009 poles of cremona. 
They had relative with the Barbòs of Soresina and Tower Pallavicina, them Feudal for a long time immemorial. After the various successions, really the 13 January of 1850 they sell Giovanni and Gaspare to Villa, that divide two months later only the ownership, therefore the mappalis on quoted they go to Villa Gaspare.
1887 - to villa Gaspare happens Villa Ferdinando and will be him, Villa Ferdinando to sell to Barbers Romedio in 1887 The inn with Shop and gardens and campetto.
To that date, as they show the acquired public actions, it corresponds the sure year in which the inn with shop then denominated, Inn Colombina, as it resulted from pitturazione found again in by Provincial in the insignia to the entrance from the government road.
1910 - From Barbers Romedio and Pederneschi Miralda wife, deceased in 1910 it passed all, after succession and skill of the court of Cremona to Barbers Luigi and Barbers Erminia wife and cousin that tacitarono his/her brothers with payment of money.
1952- to the death of Barbers Luigi, for testamentary succession the ownership passed wife to Barbers Miraldino and Guatterini Teresina.
1958- from 1958 to 1975 activity was set in lease to Rossini Francesco and then to Pegoiani Francesco.
1975- in the 1975 Mario Barbieri it purchased from the Barbers Miraldino the activity and in the 1984 Barbers Mario with his/her/their wife Zanchetta Roberta purchased and they continued the activity also turning her/it into Enoteca and commerce of wines and drinks.

2004 May 22 nd 2004 - Opening of Ca' Barberi.